Always tell someone where you are going (and other lessons learned from “127 Hours”)

After having watched “127 Hours” I have learned some very important lessons that I should remember everytime I have the urge to travel somewhere:

1. Always remember to tell someone where you are going…in case you fall into a crack in a canyon and your hand gets pinned in a boulder. So, people, I am in Africa.

2. Bring loads of water. It saves you from the inevitable moment when you have to drink your own pee.

3. Never buy the China-made knife. Bring your Swiss knfie instead.

4. Bring food.

5. Ropes are important.

6. Don’t forget your digital camera. It can save you from a Wilson-the-ball/Tom Hanks-madness.

7. Your arm is not as important as you think it is.

And in related news…if you were Aron Ralston and trapped in a boulder, would you give up your arm to free yourself?


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