How to teach English (without losing your mind)

So nowadays, the teaching of English as a second language (ESL) has become a lucrative industry, not just for native speakers of the language, but also for those for whom English is a second language, such as Filipinos.

Thus, a lot of Filipinos have entered into the ESL industry, without nary a thought about what they are getting themselves into.

So as a service to these Pinoys, I have compiled a how-to which I hope can help you.

1. Prepare. Just because you know how to speak English doesn’t automatically mean that you are qualified to teach it.  Teaching English means having the foll9wing: teaching methods, teaching techniques, English language proficiency, correct pronunciation and so on.

2. Have a dictionary handy by your side. And I don’t just mean a cheap, small, pocket dictionary that only has about 20 words in it. I recommend the Oxford dictionary or the Merriam Webster dictionary, both of which are very realiable references.

3. Have a thesaurus. Please refer to number 2 for explanation.

4. Know the history and the culture. Know how English developed, and know the kind of English being spoken now (global English, Western English, Filipino English, etc.) and be able to distinguish between each one.

5. Go to trainings and seminars. This will help you immensely with your teaching.

6. Read. If the last book you read was a Harlequinn or Mills and Boons book, brush up on your reading.

I will have more later.

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