Buffy studies 101: Bidet of evil vs. Buffy (The best of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season 7, is the last season of, possibly, the best fantasy show ever on television. 🙂

In this season, the first, the original, the most ancient and most dangerous of evils, “The First”, declares war on Buffy, Faith and all the potential slayers that ever existed and will exist in the world. This comes about because Buffy has upset the balance by having come back from the dead. The First is thus killing off all potential slayers, and is out for Buffy and Faith’s blood. The first has taken up residence in Sunnydale’s Hellmouth, and has recruited the best and brightest of evils, among them, all the villains Buffy has ever encountered and battled, the Turok-Han (the ancient vampires), an army of devoted eye-less, tongueless minions and demons. AS Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) races against time to

The BVTS Cast defeat “The First”, she must also deal with recovering witch and best friend, Willow (Alyson Hannigan), Xander (Nicholas Brendon), Faith (Eliza Dushku) coming back into town, Anya (Emma Caulfield) and her deadly, murderous vengeance demon ways, absentee-watcher/father figure Giles (Anthony Stewart Head), Spike (James Marsters) and his ambivalent, ambiguous ways brought about by a newly-recovered soul, her younger sister who’s slowly growing up and taking an interest in her slaying ways, and a whole army of potential slayers, led by the annoyingly bratty Kennedy (Iyari Limon), who are looking to Buffy for leadership and inspiration as “The First” threatens to annihilate the world.

1. Season 7: the season of closures – the best thing about this show and this season is the fact that Joss Whedon et. al. has never let down its fans. Every loose end ever untied in this show is tied, every character in need of a closure confronted and dealt with. Hence Buffy deals with Angel, Spike, her watcher, the first slayer, her friends (and the fact that she has a propensity for trying to kill each and everyone of ’em), her death/s, her power and her ultimate destiny and what it means for the world. Willow deals with Tara’s death, and her attraction to potential slayer Kennedy. Xander and Anya deal with their failed relationship. Faith deals with Buffy and their (almost homoerotic – I just had to say it!) relationship. Giles deals with Buffy, Buffy with Dawn, Buffy with her past life and her future.

2. Kennedy – Yeah, the pierced tongue is sexy, but I am a staunch Tara fan, so. ‘Nuff said.

3. The First – Because obviously the harder the evil to fight, the cooler the story.

4. Anya – Because she was a vengeance demon with a conscience. Because she thought making spells with Willow was sexy (the look on Willow’s face? Priceless). Because if she’s not having sex, nobody else should. Because she is not afraid to use other people as shields to protect herself (at least Andrew anyway).

5. We finally get some girl-on-girl action – Better late than never, is what I say. Even though it was in the third to the last episode. 🙂

6. The fascinating dynamic of the Scooby gang – I am still amazed at the evolving complexity of the gang, the consistent inconsistencies, how everyone can be so loyal to Buffy at one point, and betray her by ousting her as the defunct leader of the army of potential slayers. I liked the complex, tender relationship that Buffy finds with and develops with Spike, even though they both know Buffy does not love Spike. I like how Anya and Xander develop the same kind of relationship as well.

7. Faith is back! Yay! – Because Faith is awesome.

8. Best use of word ever – “Bidet”. As in “bidet of evil”. The only other thing that comes close is “tumescence”. Nuff said.

9. Blink and you’ll miss Ashanti and a whole slew of familiar Hollywood faces
Yep, Joss Whedon et.al. were not stingy with the guests. This was a spectacular season for guest stars. I’m surprised Tara didn’t make a cameo. IN fact, she was the only one who did not show up – as all the people who have ever appeared in this show – from Angel, to Joyce, to Glory, to Adam, to the Mayor and the Principal, have all appeared. Then again, I didn’t see Cordelia or Oz, so, that evens it out.

9. The spectacular finale! The Action! The metaphors! The symbolisms!– Buffy proves to the worthy general of this army of slayers. She brilliantly orchestrates the activation of all potential slayers through a spell Willow makes, making every potential a full-blown slayer. And of course action-wise, this season does not disappoint. Blink and you’ll miss the subtle metaphor of having one slayer every generation as planned by ancient male shamans, to that of the control of female sexuality by males (contraception, female genital mutilation, the reproductive health debates ). Awesome, no? Makes Buffy’s decision to give every potential slayer power all the more sweet and powerful. 🙂 The message is none too powerful: you have the power and take control of your destiny. This is feminism at its best, made all the more awesome by the fact that it was helmed by a male creator (Whedon) and that it succeeded in its message without having any stupid, preposterous, pointless PSA (like those things in The L-Word).

IN other words: Buffy is the best show evah!

Now must go back to reading John Burdett’s “Bangkok 8”. Awesome book!

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