Jobhunting, Pinoy style (yet again)

Apologies for the late blogging.
Life has been busy with jobhunting and maintaining my sanity in this part of the world.
First off, I cannot decide whether the jobhunting can be construed as entertainment or a job in itself. I had been trying to apply as an English proficiency trainer for a local government agency, TESDA.
Here is what happened:

They made us go there 4 times…

The first time:

To tell us that our requirements should be in sealed brown envelopes…

The second time, to tell us that they are returning our brown envelopes and that we should then unseal our envelopes and make sure that we put the correct amount of requirements and compensation inside.

The third time, to submit our applications,

And the last time, Monday,

for the bidding…

Apparently, when you apply sa TESDA as an English language proficiency trainer, there is a bidding involved to make sure hindi lutong makaw..

There were 3 applicants, me, a friend and a third guy

There were 2 on the panel, 3 if you count the secretary, who was a very opinionated member, I might add….

They opened my friend’s envelope first.

I felt like there should be drums rolling or something.

We waited with bated breath..

Only to find out that my friend apparently lacked some requirements, including her certificate of employment, a training certificate, and diploma

Then they opened mine….

Mine was complete, except for the aformentioned training certificate, which, I might add, the TESDA secretary was really emphasizing we should have…when the panelist (there were 2 of them, as I said, one was from TESDA, 1 from COA – commission on audit)

When COA panelist saw my diploma and transcript from london, they asked me how come i had one of those, and where was this exactly?

I said, UK.

To which the COA panelist said, “University of Kalinga”? with a sneer and such derision in his voice I wanted to shove my transcript up his ass…

Then they opened the third brown envelope with much aplomb…

The third envelope revealed much more than ours did…

It fulfilled all their requirements..

Including that damned, bloody training certificate they kept asking us about…

Apparently, for lack of the appropriate skill to explain it to us, the panelists and the extremely vocal secretary showed us the training certificate we are supposed to have included in our SEALED brown envelopes:

a TESDA training certificate…

certifying that we had undergone 100 hours of training on:

(take note)

how to train, how to make training modules, how to make training evaluations, etc.

despite the fact that there were other references in our SEALED envelopes which would indicate that we are indeed qualified re: resumes, certificates, diplomas, certificate of employment…

They said, you have to give it ASAP.

Us: When is ASAP?

Them: As in now.

Because the training starts november 23, on monday.

Us: But how…?!? 100 hours of training…? In time for Monday…?

Them: Ok, tomorrow then, you can pass it..

Us: How do we find out the results?

Them: you can go online.

or you can check out our billboard

(right, go all the way to TESDA just to find out the results)

or…did you give your phone number and address?

but you have to fax the training certificate so we can process your application…or there will be a failure of bidding…

I rest my case…


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