Came out to my mom…

I just came out to my mom…


It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

I expected any of the following:

1. Being disowned.

2. A massive melodramatic scene straight out of a soap or teleserye where I would be a. shouted at, b. slapped, c. grabbed by the hair and d. dragged out of the house by said hair, but not before

3. My mom reciting a litany of lines where I would be forced to listen to homosexuality being a. sin, b. a mistake, c. a phase that I would grow out of, ending with me burning in hell

4. My mom wishing never to speak to me ever again.

Instead, of course, my mom does the very adult parent thing and says, a. she suspected all along that I was gay and that b. if that was what would make me happy then it’s fine by her.

I think to myself, what?!?

The next thing I think of is, a. this is too good to be true, and b. I have been watching waaaay too many melodramatic lesbian movies where the lesbian always has a tragic ending.

Either way, I am relieved.

Cat’s out of the bag!

Or in this case, out of the closet! šŸ™‚

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