Retro-recap: Harper’s Island, Episode 12 & 13 (finale) – Abby Mills, I’ve missed you!

Episode 12

Wow. Just wow.

Didn’t see the twists in this episode coming.

It’s been a few days now since John Wakefield has started wreaking havoc in “Murder Island”. Everyone is either dead or waiting to die. Everyone looks puffy-eyed, tired, grimy, filthy and unwashed. I feel like hosing everyone down with extra-strength soap.

John Wakefield and what is left of the wedding party is still wondering around in the forest. Danny (Brandon Jay McLaren) and Sully (Matt Barr) are trying to find John Wakefield, as are Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Abby (Elaine Cassidy).

Danny breaks the tension by saying this randomly: “How are we supposed to find anything in this…nature?”  (haha!)

Sully uses Danny as Bait and catches John Wakefield. They get John Wakefield…and…they don’t kill him.

I shout at the TV – what is the matter with you people?!? NOW is not the time to start growing a conscience!

Oblivious to my angry, frothy musings, the characters ignore me.  Abby is given the chance to shoot John Wakefield and she cannot. Even though John Wakefield murdered her mom and dad, and pretty much most of the wedding entourage and half of the island’s population. What a wimp! Character development! Ugh.

They throw John Wakefield into jail and of course he escapes – but not before murdering Danny, who I’ve kind of grown to like. They suspect (finally!) that John Wakefield has an accomplice and they suspect it’s Abby’s boyfriend, Jimmy (C.J. Thomason), especially since he was paired off with Trish (Katie Cassidy), Henry’s bride and he manages to lose the bride.

As it turns out, Henry is the accomplice and he kills Trish. Here’s more: Henry is John Wakefield’s son, from Abby’s mother. Making Henry Abby’s half-brother.

That took me aback. I hadn’t expected that. Especially because there was a scene in which Jimmy admits to Abby that when she left him he was so brokenhearted he wanted to hurt her, and that Henry, up to this point, has always been the most affable, most boring, most likeable, most goody-two-shoes in the whole series. I didn’t think he even mattered, really. I was too busy getting annoyed at the other characters: the stepmom, the brother-in-law, Shea, Sully, Cal, Trish, and was so bent on Jimmy that Henry’s reveal was just completely surprising. Hurray for Harper’s Island! Still has a few surprises after all. And of course, everything makes sense to me now: the Wellingtons didn’t like Henry (of course, they all had to go), the wedding entourage were just a bunch of upper class snobs (of course, they had to go as well) and now it made sense why Henry was always very protective of Abby (of course, it’s all about Abby!).

Random thought: I know where I’d seen that guy who plays John Wakefield from. He was in “Battlestar Galactica”. He played the cylon (?) who kidnaps and keeps Kara “Starbuck” Thrace captive while she was on Caprica (I think that was in season 2).

Episode 13

Everything comes together here:

Henry (Christopher Gorham) reveals himself to be a bigger psycho than his father. He kills everyone so he can be with Abby (Elaine Cassidy) because he has this weird, psychotic, incestuous, obsessive love for his half-sister (which, let me just say now, is really, eeww). He has her holed up in one of the nifty little cabins in the island and – I don’t know – probably plan to take the practice of in-breeding to a whole new level.

He burns all the bodies in the church, conveniently leaving behind DNA samples, dental records, the works (I’m kidding), so that the Coast Guard can conveniently assume that he and Abby are dead.  The whole island is deserted, save for the two. Shea (Gina Holden) and creepy little daughter Madison (Cassandra Sawtell – I swear she must have grown a few inches in the course of this series) are the only survivors left.

Henry reveals his grand in-breeding plan to Abby (well, not really, but you know where this is going, don’t you?). Abby tries in vain to escape, and finds that the love of her life, Jimmy (C.J. Thomason), has been kept alive, tied and gagged, so he can conveniently take the fall for all the murders. Henry convinces Jimmy to take the fall, else he will kill Abby. Jimmy escapes and tries to kill Henry. They fall off a cliff, and Abby finally grows a pair and kills Henry.


  • I am happy that Abby has stayed alive. But everyone else is dead. Such a bummer!
  • I can’t believe Trish Wellington (Katie Cassidy) and Sully died! Just when both were growing on me.
  • Jimmy is not the killer, yay! Henry as the killer – that was actually the best thing about the series. Message boards are going overtime, fans complaining about it – but it just makes so much sense! He looks so insignificant, inconsequential, and just so goody-two-shoes, that when the reveal happened, it was just so cool.

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