Life Lessons learned while living in London

  1. Never exceed the use-by date.
  2. Always check the use-by date.
  3. You can only eat so many burgers.
  4. You can only eat so much sardines and beans.
  5. Cooking is easy. To figure out. If you put your mind to it. You just hope for the best.
  6. The microwave is your best friend.
  7. Never leave home without your tube map.
  8. Never leave home without any map, period.
  9. Know how to read maps.
  10. Sat-navs and tom-toms help you get lost more accurately.
  11. Be prepared for anything. Especially on weekends, when the tubes are down.
  12. Have a plan B. Be prepared to resort to it, if need be, even if it means going back home to start all over again.
  13. Never be afraid to start all over again.
  14. Safe is for sissies. Risk is for winners!
  15. Duct tape can pretty much patch up anything.
  16. Never rely on British movies (or books) for cultural education about England.
  17. The Stone Henge is a bit less majestic up close.
  18. Travel light. Anywhere.
  19. Avoid wearing accessories that may set off detector at airport.
  20. Wear nice socks so when they ask you to take your shoes off at the airport, you won’t be embarrassed at toes sticking out of socks.
  21. Important things to bring anywhere: underwear, shades, water, sunscreen.
  22. Look good on your passport photo. Remember – that will be your photo for the next five years, or until your passport expires.
  23. Your passport is your security blanket.
  24. You can live in a shoestring budget. If you want to. Seriously.
  25. Know how to budget. Know how to handle your money.
  26. You will be surprised at the lengths you are willing to go to to survive under harsh conditions.
  27. Charity shops are your best friend.
  28. A laptop and an internet connection are necessary things for a person living overseas.
  29. Being abroad is not what it’s all cracked up to be.
  30. You find kindness in the least likely places.
  31. You can find art and beauty in the most unlikely places.
  32. The best things in life really are free.
  33. Arriving at your destination can be very anti-climactic. It is the journey itself that really does matter.
  34. If you let people walk all over you, they will.
  35. Just because you are from a third-world/Southern country doesn’t mean you are any less human, intelligent or less deserving of respect.
  36. You will fly millions of miles into another country, cross oceans and continents – and rediscover your own self, your own identity, your own sense of self-worth and self-respect.
  37. People are the same pretty much everywhere you go.
  38. Cities are all the same. It’s the people that matter.
  39. Decide and decide now.Firmly.
  40. Don’t hesitate.
  41. Never think you deserve any less.
  42. Fight for what you want. More importantly, ask yourself if what you are doing now is what you really want.
  43. No matter what you do people will always judge you.
  44. You can never please people, ever.
  45. Sometimes plans don’t always work out.
  46. Sometimes you can be in love with a person and it still won’t work out.
  47. Love isn’t the only thing necessary for a relationship to survive.
  48. Letting go sucks. Moving on sucks even more. But growth doesn’t.
  49. Never settle.
  50. Act!
  51. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. And most importantly –
  52. There is no place like your home country! 🙂

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