Duct tape: the greatest invention ever!

Threw everything but the kitchen sink into my luggage and box for home.

It is official. I am going home. Can’t tell you how excited I am. I saw pictures of Baguio on somebody’s facebook and my heart leapt at the familiar images: SM, Maharlika, Session Road, Overpasses, Tiong San, pine trees. It feels small in the pictures – compared to Seoul, Calgary, London – but Baguio is my home and I can’t wait to see it again. I went to central London again today. Pretty much just coming up with excuses to go to central London. Hehe

For now, let me just extol the virtues of duct tape. I think this is the greatest invention ever. 🙂 As I was taping the box, I felt the urge to duct tape everything in sight. I marveled at how sticky it was, how sturdy it was, how it seems to magically hold everything together secure, in place. Would that there be some kind of duct tape in life that can fix anything. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Duct tape: the greatest invention ever!

  1. O the glory that is duct tape–yes, I do believe it has been used on every surface in existence…it ought to be the end all of everything. Damn to be the inventor of duct tape. Can you imagine all the resoures that would be at your disposal? yikes…dreams

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