A farewell to (my) shirts

Shop day!

Spent morning alternately napping, reading articles on the net, listening to E.S. Posthumus, chatting with The Sib. Told by the radio to stay indoors til 3pm, keep windows closed, stay away from coffee and tea, hydrate and so on,  because today was going to be a scorcher, about 25 degrees celcius or so. Roll my eyes. That’s just the mornings in Manila!

Half past two, dragged self out  room (Feel like hikikomori,term for young Japanese anti-social hermit, sans sociopathic/psychotic tendencies), put on shirt and shorts, walked all the way to Tesco (about 30 minutes walk or so) to do my shopping. Had to. No more food.

Digression: Tesco is like the part of the four pillars of consumerism in the UK: Marks and Spencers, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco.

Arrived there 3pm, finished 4pm maybe, arrived home at 4:30pm. Always on tight budget – always have to forgo one kind of item for another: cigarettes or food? Food. Beer or food? Food. Bought oats, rice, doughnuts, and so on.Took so long deciding on what other stuff to buy: beans? sardines? fish? shellfish? shrimp? Money always problem. Cannot stand canned sardines anymore. Taste of rust and fish hard to wash out of mouth. Beans alright. Finally bought beans, canned soup, packed shellfish. Miss home. Nothing packed. Can buy stuff on the open market – fresh from the sea, 30 minutes’ trip from mountainous hometown.

Worried might go over budget. Am presently unemployed and thus a bum. Not on welfare so no benefits. Budget is everything. At till, relieved to find out groceries not exceeded £10.

Walked home with heavy groceries. Listened to acquaintance about (her) marital problems. Acquaintance not really intent on doing anything about problem: just verbalizing it. Recipe for unhappy life.

Cleaned up room, a bit. Tried to see what can fit in luggage, in box to be sent home, what to give away. Realized have a lot of stuff. How in hell have I accumulated so much crap in 14 months? Stumped for words.

Feeling sentimental. Going over stuff reminds me of 14 months of being here. Time flies! Feel like it is not 14 months. Feels longer.Saw KFC and McDonald’s uniform. Debate  with self briefly if one will keep them. Debate quickly resolved. Hell, no!

Off to watch movie now!

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