Guerilla Geek Food: Breakfast of Champions!

Been eating a bit irregularly lately, although I do try to eat three meals a day. Mornings are for microwaved oats, the rest of the day usually for canned goods. Ate so much burgers I’ve sworn off them, but sometimes still end up trying to eat them. Am trying to swear off McDonald’s. Eaten so much burgers and fries it’s enough to last me a lifetime. Eaten so much beans and sardines, eggs and ham I cannot stand them anymore.

Today was about to eat Heinz pork and beans. Was about to open can of Heinz, then saw that I had actually opened it a bit and then put it back in the cupboard, fully intending to consume its contents once I remember that I have stored them in the cupboard. Probably been a month now. Opened it and saw contents fully reduced to mold, which escaped lid like a plume of dust. If I ever became a scientist I would actually have had fun finding out how long it takes for food to spoil, find out what microorganisms have taken residence on its contents and evolving and whether I can harness such as a weapon of mass destruction. Lord knows I have let a lot of food go to waste.

Mostly I live on rice and the internet.

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