Newsweek’s Summer Blockbusters 2009 stakeout: You do the math

Came across this very succinct evaluation of 2009’s summer blockbusters on entitled “How much are the summer movies really worth? We do the math” (enticingly sub-titled “The real recession begins”). Funniest most useful movie review soundbite I’ve ever come across, that dissects how much a movie really costs. List includes:

1. Wolverine – valued at $11 ($10 for Hugh Jackman’s bum, less $3 because you can already see a bootleg of it online, plus $4 because you can see Wolverine’s origins). Have watched it. Feel bad about watching it. But that’s alright – because I watched the bootleg version. This is one of those cases when piracy actually works!

2. Angels and Demons  – priced at $7 (because Tom Hanks has that hideous hair, but it does have Ewan MacGregor to draw in the crowds). Read the book, was actually entertaining, although you need to suspend disbelief and logic first, so what is the point of watching the movie?

3.Terminator Salvation – $13 (thanks to Christian’s Bale’s psychotic tirades leaked on youtube and explosions). My loyalties lie with James Cameron.

4. The Hangover – $14 (because it has Heather Graham). Although I’d probably price this at $5 – because even Heather Graham can’t save this movie. Unless you’re the target audience. Then by all means, watch it!

5. Bruno – $25 (because what can go wrong with the guy who made Borat? I’d watch it. But probably when it comes out on DVD, if it’s on sale. Not going to queue for it, although I secretly liked Borat).

6. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – $9 (Lord Voldemort, Dumbledore, the high drama, the works). Won’t queue to watch it either. Will wait for the DVD release. Because it’s much more fun with the extra features and the DVD commentary.

For full article click on the article above or go to the website. ^^

2 thoughts on “Newsweek’s Summer Blockbusters 2009 stakeout: You do the math

  1. best film I’ve seen recently was five dollars for the added second showing of “The Only Good Indian” , a Wes Studi production, at the Kansas City Film Festival—much more memorable than any performance above was that of Winter Fox Frank—and the other films showed what the medium is really capapbe of…besides slick action sequences…just my 2 cents…

    1. Thanks for the tip. Your 2 cents might be way more worth it than some of the movies Hollywood has been churning out lately. Cheers!

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