Retro-recap: Harper’s Island, Episode 11 (US, CBS, 2009)

Episode 11: (Christopher Gorham) and Danny (Brandon Jay McLaren) get to Abby (Elaine Cassidy) before John Wakefield kills her. John Wakefield goes to the pub and kills Shane (Ben Cotton). Trish (Katie Cassidy), Chloe (Cameron Richardson), Shea (Gina Holden) and Madison (Cassandra Sawtell) escape, leaving an unconscious Jimmy (CJ Thomason) who is still surviving the marina explosion to fen for himself.

Henry, Danny, Abby get to the pub too late and find Shane strung up in crucifixion pose for them to see. Jimmy is nowhere to be found.vTrish, Chloe, Shea and Madison go to the sheriff’s house. The church bell tolls. And of course, Trish, Chloe, Shea  think it might be Henry signalling them, so Trish and Chloe go to the church and leave Shea and Madison behind. And Henry, Danny and Abby think it’s Trish and the others signalling them. They meet at the church, find that the deputy is dead, and manage to have John Wakefield kidnap Chloe right under their nose.

Cal (Adam Campbell) and Sully (Matt Barr) bond over Cal’s gunshot wound to the chest, their mutual love for Chloe the Malibu girlfriend and end up in the church as well. Jimmy suddenly appears at the church as well, with the story that he woke up with Shane dead. Cal realizes that Chloe is missing and they start a search party for her. They discover the extensive tunnels go through the church and the hotel, so they have Sully and Danny seal off the underground tunnel from the hotel. Henry, Cal and Abby go in another tunnel direction which leads to the forest. Trish and Jimmy seal off another tunnel exit point, the one where they found Madison.

As Sully and Danny seal off the hotel’s passage – another killer appears from behind and shoots at them (so there is another killer). Abby, Henry and Cal are in the forest, spot John Wakefield and hear Chloe screaming at the same time. Abby tries to shoot at him but misses, then tries to track him down. Cal finds Chloe and gets her out of the (tunnel) cage that John Wakefield has imprisoned her in. As they try to escape and are cornered on a bridge above the river, John Wakefield comes and stabs Cal right infront of Chloe and throws him into the river. Chloe jumps right after him, telling him “You can’t have me”.

Meanwhile, Shea and Madison discover that Jimmy has a criminal record. On cue, next scene reveals Jimmy trying to take shotgun away from Trish as she naps, ominous soundtrack playing all the while.

End of the episode.

Thoughts on this episode:

Wow. Intense episode.

I must admit this was a pretty intense and tense episode. At this point, everyone is at the edge of their sanity. We see Elaine Cassidy’s Abby having a complete emotional meltdown at her father’s death, screaming and crying at the same time. We see a different Abby in this episode: an Abby who is bent on revenge, fueled by a hatred for John Wakefield. Gorham’s Henry turn as the sensible bestfriend is a good one. Danny and Sully still are a bit two-dimensional but they are functional and Sully has actually turned into more of a good guy. Even Shane turns a bit good when he stands up a little for Abby infront of Trish. Cal and Malibu girlfriend Chloe, I think, have the most dramatic deaths in this series (unless they can top it with something else entirely). Of all the characters in the series,they have the most going on between them: a thwarted marriage proposal, having to pry Sully the jerk’s paws away from Chloe, trying to get the ring back, Cal being wounded, Chloe being kidnapped, Cal proposing to Chloe right before he gets killed.I’m a bit surprised that they kill off Cal and Chloe first before Danny and Sully or Shea – Cal and Chloe deserve at least one more episode before they get killed off – their characters became more interesting towards the end of the series.

It’s a bit disappointing that it is John Wakefield afterall. For some strange reason, I would have wanted someone more diabolical and intriguing. But he just looks disappointingly – ordinary. I swear I’ve seen him before playing  a similar character, but his name escapes me now.  As for Jimmy – I think it’s safe to assume that he could be a killer. Since the killing took place, Abby and Jimmy’s relationship seems to havegone on a standstill, while Cal and Chloe, and Trish and Henry continue to act like couples.I am a bit disappointed that Jimmy might be a killer as well.

And finally! someone takes the time (in this case, Nikki the bartender) to answer our questions: the power lines have been cut, the network  lines have been cut,the marina can not be  seen from the mainland, the missing state police will not be noticed til after, and so on.

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