Michael Jackson, RIP

Slept last night to news that Farrah Fawcett has died of cancer at 60, woke to news that Michael Jackson has died as well, at 50.

Spent the whole morning thus verifying this news as I first heard it on facebook. I thus went on msnbc.com, bbc news, people.com and so on.

It’s a bit weird finding out that the singer who defined the music of your childhood has already died.

But as imeem.com has said, rather than dwell on the drama, I’ll  celebrate his life and his music:

Thriller Music Video (Vincent Price! Zombies! The hair! The clothes! The music! The awesome dancing! The campiness of it all! Yay!), which you can see by clicking here (sorry, for some strange reason I cannot put it here).

The Thriller video spawned others such as this:

Man in the Mirror (my all-time favorite Michael Jackson song. That video haunted me and changed the way I viewed things when I was a child)

RIP, Michael.

How about you, what was the Michael Jackson song that changed your life?

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