A walk through central London (Thursday)

Got up at 5am to go to H-wood (£1.70, one way. Peak travel card, £14.00! Bloody hell!), to send off aunt. Napped in the cab on the way to Heaththrow, woke when we got to Heaththrow, aunt checked in, had breakfast special at Ponti’s (salty sausages, salty bacon, scrambled eggs, beans, mushrooms and buttered toast) with fresh lemonade (me), and coffee (aunt). Bought Time mag at WH Smith after (issue on Iran. Aunt asked, why I needed to know about Iran. Shrugged. People never understand my reading habits), she checked in at 9:30am, and made own way back home. Bought off-peak travel card (£7.50. Better!) and thought since have travel card, must go around. Got Picadilly line from Heaththrow terminal 3, got off at Knightbridge, had brilliant idea to walk from Knightbridge and go on east, since that is the general direction of east London.  Passed Hyde Park, Wellington Park and Arch, paid £3.50 for bleeding opp to go up arch, disappointing view! nothing to see, but did see London Eye in the distance, so thought I’d make my way there, since London Eye means central London. Walked through the park, saw Buckingham Palace, saw changing of the guards (?), took so long decided to leave, since it was already mid-day, took photo, nice European dad offered to take my pic infront of the Palace, then made my way through a park and exited by the Royal Guard’s House, made my way past Downing Street, saw Houses of Parliament, London Eye, crossed the Westminster Bridge, was planning to walk some more, but was so tired at this point took bus to Oxford Circus. Wanted to go to Covent Garden, but saw Trafalgar Square decided to get bus 23 to Liverpool Street instead. Saw glimpse of River Thames from bus as bus 23 passed by St. Paul’s Cathedral, Royal Court Justice, Fleet Street, Cannon Street, Bride Lane, etc. Debated whether to go to Canary Wharf, to Greenwich, but was too tired to do so. Had burger, fries and coke at Burgerking in Liverpool St. station, took train and now home. Soaking it up as much as I can. ^^

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