Retro-recap: Ghost Squad, “One of Us” (UK, Channel 4, 2005)

Episode 1,1.jpg
Elaine Cassidy in a green top. Yay!

Opening scene sees police officer Amy (Elaine Cassidy) by the police station, with Rakesh, a young, small-time, boy drug dealer she is bringing in for questioning. They are chatting as she lets the boy smoke.

She brings in the kid, locks him up in an interview room, gets him tea, chats it up with her co-workers, comes back and sees him sprawled on the floor, bleeding, dying.


This is a better hook than Harper’s Island (although there were genuine creepy moments in that one).

Next, the unit that investigates police corruption comes, there is a lockdown, and she finds herself the primary suspect. The CCTV of the interview room has been wiped out, five people have testified against her, her bloodied uniform is missing, they find it in her locker, people are out for blood. She finds herself trapped inside, with people who want her finished and it is her first genuine realization that nobody can be trusted. Quick-thinking Amy realizes she must conduct her own investigation, and plays off all the people inside the department against each other, succeeding in flushing out the culprits.

For a first episode, it ain’t too bad. Not too bad at all. 🙂

See what I mean with the hair? Anyway, still hotness!

* Elaine Cassidy in a uniform. Hot. I’ve seen real cops here – they are nowhere near as hot as she is. Too bad I can’t say the same for her hair.

* Elaine Cassidy showering. My god these people!  A few minutes into the show and already she’s showing a bit of skin! They’re as bad as those people in Harper’s Island. Not that I’m complaining.

* Elaine Cassidy as a cop. ‘Nuff said.

* Elaine Cassidy in a natural Irish accent. Hotness!

* The lockdown, the fact that they solved the crime in a day. I wish this could happen in my country. Not!

* Elaine Cassidy’s Amy screaming sexual harrassment and seeing the scared look on the investigators’ faces as they realize they are going to be in so much hot water if it becomes  a lawsuit. Awesome! I wish this could happen in my country. Not!

* Somebody on the net commented that it was an alright show except for the swearing. I laugh my ass off. You have to live in London to know that this is a natural thing. It’s pretty mild, really.

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