Harper’s Island withdrawal symptoms…

Can’t wait for the next episode.  I know it sucks but I can’t help it.I’m off to watching Ghost Squad now. It’s actually way better than Harper’s Island. Too bad they cancelled it only after 7 episodes (Producers! Wankers! 🙂 ).

In the meantime, my book wishlist for best les/bi sci-fi fantasy books (meaning books I must read but can’t find and must find soon, since I am a sci-fi/fantasy geek and should be up to speed with this):

1. Ammonite – Nicola Griffith

2. Solitaire – Kelley Eskridge

3. Fire Logic – Laurie J. Marks

(For a full list of lesbian books you should at least have read – if you are interested,  there is a nice article about that in afterellen.com entitled “13 Lesbian and Bi Characters You Should Know“. I was happy that I knew most of them. ^^

Also, check out Rachel Stirling on “The Frank Skinner Show” promoting the BBC (?) adaptation of Sarah Water’s book “Tipping the Velvet” [actually hilarious that one. She’s exactly the kind of British person I’d meet on the streets. ^^ Now I know what “Tipping the Velvet” means. I don’t know if I needed to know that. For full interview, click here. Oh, and you have to check out this hilarious comparison of “Tipping the Velvet” and “Fingersmith” called “Battle of the Lesbian Miniseries“. Ah, the joys of the internet! To find like-minded gay geeks who have eccentric interests is such joy!]).

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