North Korea fires more missiles, Margaret Cho says Koreans are sneaky-assed people

Bet you didn’t expect this post to have North Korea, missiles, and comedian Margaret Cho on the heading huh? Well, I have.

So South Korea has claimed that North Korea has fired more missiles, according to the latest BBC News. In true international diplomatic fashion, UN has issued a statement, is scrambling to make a resolution, to condemn North Korea actions, and are thinking of tougher measures. Meanwhile, South Korea has decided to join the “PSI – a US-led non-proliferation campaign involving searching ships carrying suspect cargo, aimed at stopping the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction”. North Korea has, of course, claimed this is tantamount to an outright declaration of war. And why did North Korea fire the missiles in the first place? Because they realized the US still has a hostile policy against North Korea.Why did I italicize and put those words in bold letters? Because I find it interesting – even amusing that after firing a missile, this is what the UN does -1. issue a statement, 2. make a resolution that 3. condemns North Korea actions and 4. come up with tougher measures. These euphemisms, vague replies, well, it almost seems as if this is an admission of impotence. I can almost see UN dignitaries wringing their hands, walking to and fro, throwing up their hands in the air, saying, in a Dustin-Hoffman-Rainman-like way, “What are we going to do? What are we going to do? What are we going to do? Def-def-definitely, they fired a missile. Def-def-definitely they fired a missile.”

I am wondering if the global financial crisis is already over. What are they doing now? All I can hear on Philippine news is the Katrina Halili and Hayden Kho sex scandal. All I can hear from the UK news is the MPs charging their exorbitant expenses for non-existent homes to the government. Who knows?

I think a video of Margaret Cho explaining North Korean political attitude towards weapons policies is way better than the UN one. So I am posting it now.

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